Writer. Marketer. Process improver.

I'm passionate about IoT, digital storytelling, content strategy and putting an end to the serial comma. Get to Know Me

I’m not your average Internet of Things marketing manager.

I’ve spent the past 5 years in the weeds with engineers developing disruptive solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Business Intelligence (BI). I know my way around large B2B enterprises and nimble financial startups. There’s nothing I love more than rapid prototyping, defining KPIs, tracking data, improving processes, delighting customers, leading others, growing the role and challenging the status quo.

Driven by Data

I’m not afraid of taking calculated risks or a grassroots approach. In the early days, I’ll leverage my experience, gut instinct and research results. But as the data rolls in, my approach becomes more strategic. I’ll develop KPIs, define metrics and establish benchmarks. I believe the best way to measure success is to analyze everything because data never lies.

Obsessed with CX

Gone are the days of intrusive advertising. Customers are more informed and want more control of their buying decisions. I believe in a solid inbound marketing strategy that centers on customer experience and content. By creating relevant content, customers only engage when they’re ready, increasing the odds of winning their trust, loyalty and business.

Agile or Bust

There is nothing more dangerous than the status quo, except maybe process for the sake of process. The world is changing quickly; so is the way we interact with it. That means nothing is ever set in stone and processes should be flexible. I believe in A/B testing, customer feedback and experimentation because the only way to stay ahead of the trends is to set them.

Hi. I’m Katie Nunez.

I’m a full stack Internet of Things marketing manager, content strategist, brand evangelist and social influencer. I tell stories that engage. I build brands that people trust. I improve processes and optimize workflows. I do a little bit of everything.

For the past 5 years I’ve been knee-deep in the Internet of Things, building case studies, promoting industry thought leadership and getting people excited about the future.

My technical acumen coupled with my creativity and experience is what sets me apart from my peers.

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I do a little bit of everything & I enjoy wearing multiple hats.

Product Marketer | Product Manager | Brand Ambassador | Social Influencer | Technical Writer | IoT Evangelist | Content Strategist | Copywriter | Creative Writer | Graphic Designer | Web Designer | Photographer | Videographer | Social Ambassador | Party Planner | Wearer of Multiple Hats

Don’t just take MY word for it

I’ve had the pleasure of working with – and learning from – a lot of IoT experts during my career. And I consider myself lucky that some of them are willing to recommend me!

Katie was a founding member of the New Growth Platform team and contributed in various capacity to drive success for the team and project. She was a glue within the office and a fast learner willing to take on new challenges and opportunities. As a member of the marketing team she was responsible for a number of marketing activities including social and digital marketing.

Bayo O.

Sr. Director of Marketing, Zebra Technologies

Katie is dependable, skilled and a talented team member. During her time [at Zatar] she did almost everything everything, helping every team achieve their sprint and product release goals. She served as PO of software solutions in cloud monitoring and automation and as Marketing Lead executing all IoT platform events and initiatives. She’s a great asset to any company!

Melvin R.

Director of Technology, Montway Auto Transport

Some of the projects I’ve worked on

I’m a full stack IoT marketing expert with 5+ years B2B marketing experience in my product marketing portfolio. My focus is digital storytelling, demand generation, brand awareness, thought leadership and engagement of high value users and partners. I build brands that other businesses trust.

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I’m always up for engaging conversations and learning new things. Have something you’d like to discuss?

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